Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009- Here We Come!

I don't know about you, but I'm sooo ready for the New Year. I can't wait to see what the new year brings us. Hmmm...maybe even a new little sibling... just kidding...okay, I'm not kidding, but really, I'm looking forward to watching these little beings I've been blessed to call my children grow and blossom further and closer into who/what they will become. Slowly, we're taking down the Christmas decorations and vaccuming up the pine needles from the sad looking deceased Christmas tree. Before, I clean up all the Christmas evidence, I wanted to blog about my favorite Christmas ornaments that we have upon our tree. These are my favs...
A. Grandma loved lighthouses, this one reminds me of her!
B. This one says it all. Everyone needs HOPE, and faith, and love.
C. Not sure why, but I like it.
D. Purchased when Elizabeth started piano lessons last year, now we have 2 in lessons.
E. A gift from my friend/co-worker. Each girl received an angel with her name on it. Matthew got a train ornament which he refused to put on the tree and insisted on sleeping with it every night. Eventually, it broke from his boyish ways.
F. An angel, a reminder that we are not alone.
G. Special because it was one of our first ornaments as a married couple, I don't even know where we got it but we sure do like it. It changes color every few seconds. I'm surprised the kids haven't broken it yet!
H. Hard to see but it's a reindeer with Megan's name on it. On a recent trip to Big Bear each child got a personalized one to add to our collection. Don't laugh, but even the next baby who doesn't even exist yet got one!
And thanks to my friend/co-worker Leslie, next year you will see this one on our tree

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