Monday, October 17, 2011

Scratch the Fish Food

I haven't forgotten to post a pic of our haunted graveyard. It's just been very, very hectic around here lately. I'm recovering from the flu and the worst ear infection known to mankind. My ear even drained some yellowish goop but I'll spare you the details. I had bodyaches and fever that lasted a long, tormenting two days.  But I'm feeling a lot better until this morning that is... when I was awakened by Emily who was desperately trying to save her bed sheets from being sprayed on by Megan who decided 5:30 am was the perfect time to wake up and barf all over her bed. I bet Emily was surprised to find how easy it was to wake me because I had just fallen back to sleep from being awakened by Ben thirty minutes prior because he had decided at 5:00 am that he wanted to watch cartoons and eat "so-we-all (cereal)."

I promise to give you something whether it be a video or just a measly pic of the hauntings around here just as soon as I'm done looking for the fish that has somehow disappeared from his tank. Something tells me that a certain little kitty has something to do with Mr. Fish's disappearance. What do you think?

Until then, take a look at who Kat likes to 'hang with' when she's in Time Out. The two have become very close friends mostly because this is the only warm lap she can find when she's caught doing bad kitty things like drinking the milk from Ben's 'so-we-all' when nobody is watching or perching herself upon Emily's dresser to pet the fish. As for now, I think I'll go scratch the fish food off my grocery list.

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  1. Very glad you are feeling better Christine!!! Geez the kids are sure keeping you busy they are funny and I guess Kat fits in very well with the antics of the Mejia kids!!! Looking forward to Miguel's Halloween decor. Hugs & kisses to all! Love Auntie Lynn XOXO