Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mejia Updates

Brianna had her first Jr. High Dance on Friday night. What a moment that was for me. She went with a group of girlfriends but it was still hard for me to swallow that she was 'old enough' for something like this. It was right after school and only lasted about an hour but it was still a DANCE nonetheless.

Elizabeth is excelling in school and got straight A's on her report card. She just made the honor roll. She's taking after her big sister it seems. Both her and Brianna have been busy practicing their Christmas songs on the piano.

Emily has recovered since the disappearance of her fish (Elizabeth's fish went missing a few days later). She is busy learning her multiplication tables and begging mom for an email address.

Matthew just turned six. He loves going to cooking class with Emily and Elizabeth. Except for last week when I told him to get in the car so we can go to class, but somehow forgot the importance of wearing shoes. With a sullen look on his face, he sat in the car and watched his sisters walk to class. Needless to say, I'm sure he won't be forgetting his shoes EVER AGAIN. Lesson learned, the hard way. He casually asked mommy for a desk for his room the other day. I refurbished one I found at a thrift store and the kid loves it. Now if he could only keep his sisters away from it.

Megan. Ahhhh.... Meggie.... the stuff this girl says!!!!! I rented a movie the other night for the kiddos. I only took Megan with me to pick the movie up. She was ecstatic when she saw what movie it was. Once we got home, she hurriedly ran in the house, searching and screaming for the other kids to "come quick, come see what Mommy got us. Mommy has Puss n Boobs!" Once I was able to regain my composure and pull myself off the floor, I corrected her, "no Meggie, it's called Puss n Boots!" She also truly believes she is a princess and asked me the other day what color her tiara was when she came out of my tummy. I straightened her hair the other day and she said she felt pretty like Brianna.

Ben just turned two. He graduated from the crib to the Big Boy Bed. Had I not been purposely trying to keep myself busy while daddy disassembled the crib, I probably would have cried! Besides being a MONSTER most of the time, he's good. His vocabulary is ever increasing and he's taking after Megan and LOVES to sing and put on my makeup! But I forgive for the makup thing because he's doing so great on the potty.

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  1. Thanks for the update on all the kids! I laughed so hard about Meggie and the video. I am amazed at how fast the kids are growing up and all the funny things they do and say. Hope all had a Happy Halloween! We had snow this year and an Autumn Nor'Easter which dropped alot of big trees and power outages!!!! UUUGGGHHHHH Mother Nature!! Hugs & Kisses to all, Auntie Lynn XOXO