Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Stuff

This week was the start of Teacher Appreciation Week. Each day of the week has a theme with it. Today, was bring your teacher a flower. Rather than bring real flowers, because I figured all of the other students would do that, we made flower pens. If the teachers are anything like me,
they're always losing a pen. This will help make it easier to locate!

Each of the kids wrote a little note on the tablet of paper and then we tied it all together.

Memorial Day has come and gone. We decorated the front of the house in red, white and blue. Daddy and I escaped to a friend's wedding that day where momma had 3 too many sangrias and wayyy too much fun as you can see in this pic of my 2 friends and I. The best part was that it gave me the opportunity to dress up, which I don't do very often!

Aaaaand.... I was going through our gazillions of photos and videos we have downloaded on the computer and I came across this one...  a video I promised to post years ago, haha!!!! It's of the oldest 5 children finding out if they will have a brother or sister! Just click here

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  1. You guys are so creative with the flower pens love it!!!! I know what you mean about dressing up Christine love the dress and sounds like you had a very nice time!!!! I loved the video you posted the kids have grown so much and Ewok even got into the hunt!!! The balloons and cookies were great! You could be a special occasion planner with all the great ideas and crafts you come up with. Its almost 100 here today so everyone will enjoy the Mejia baby video in the a/c lunchroom. Thanks again for sharing all the special occasions with us. Hugs & kisses to all, Lynn XOXO