Monday, March 7, 2011


Today, in between cleaning my camera, making dinner, and reading my emails, I tried my best to entertain DangerBoy but it just wasn't enough. He wanted more than that. So, I opened up the back door and followed him around the backyard while he looked for something to destroy play with. It took only about 3 seconds to find something interesting...

Dangerboy decided to see if there was a way he could squeeze himself under the pool fence; then he realized he was being watched by his momma.

He followed his Momma into the house to check on dinner and grab a better camera.

After that, he found Ewok's doggie leash and spent a good five minutes trying to figure out how to hook it up to his overalls. This gave his momma a pretty good idea of how to control this kid in public settings. I just might be in the market for a doggie kiddo leash.

The sun was starting to set and momma knew it would make for some pretty sunkissed pics. While he played with the leash, momma played with her camera.

I often wonder what's goes through this kid's head sometimes. He does the funniest things. Like eating the Yankee Candle Potpourri Tarts that his momma thought she hid from him hours earlier.

He loves to munch on those. Those damn things are expensive! I can't imagine they taste any good either. He makes yucky faces but yet continues to eat them. I don't get it.

He managed to wiggle out of his overalls and then ate some more.

Until his momma took it away, again.
Hmmmm....what does this door behind the fireplace lead to? A secret passage way, perhaps? Maybe some hidden treasure?

Nope. Just some boring firewood logs. Oh, and my sissy's make-up mirror.

You'd of thought he discovered the jackpot by the look on his face when he found that. Okay, enough playtime. Dinner is finally ready and both Dangerboy and his momma have to go.

But before we do, Dangerboy squeezes in a few push-ups to impress the lady behind the lens and to win a kiss or two. It didn't take much. He already owns her heart. But, shhh... don't tell him

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  1. Ben is so cute and that smile and big brown eyes would melt anyone's heart!!! Love all the pictures especially the sun-kissed ones. I always loved guys in coveralls and Ben's pictures made me remember that!!! Love the one of him doing push-ups!!!
    Hugs & kisses to all, Lynn
    PS At least he was munching on fruit (cranberry)???? Yuck must taste awful!!!!!