Saturday, March 12, 2011

Father Daughter Dance- 2011

This year's Father Daughter Dance had a sock hop theme. Mama whipped up some poodle skirts. I found a pattern online and seeing that I was not in a sewing mood, I put it off til the last possible minute. Boy, was I surprised when the skirts took only about 15 minutes each to make. I was procrastinating for nothing. I felt like a fool! The best part is... they cost me only $12 total to make.

In the days leading up to the dance, the girls were so giddy. Especially, Emily. On the day she received the flyer, I picked the kids up after school and she ran as fast as she possibly could up to the car holding the hot pink paper and shouting out, "This is it! This is it! This is the day DADDY's been waiting for!!!!! "

What on earth was she talking about?!!!


Judging by the past conversations about this long awaited day and the look on her face, I think this is the day that EMILY's been waiting for. But I wasn't gonna bust her chops!

"You bet your bottom dollar that this is the day your daddy's been waiting for. We gotta call him at work as soon as we get home. He's gonna be soooooo excited!"

Once we got home, Emily decided to write him a letter instead. She left it out for daddy to find when he got home from work. Being the mommy that I am, I called daddy up and gave him fair warning that he MUST be on the lookout for an important memo!

Here's what it read:

To: Daddy     From: Emily
Dear Daddy, We have ben (been) waiting for this day. The year went by so fast. Open this note and you will be exided (excited) just like me. I hope you like it. And I hope we can go.

Who could say no to that! Daddy worked his charm on the boss and was given some time off to attend this very important event. When he asked Brianna if she was coming too because after all, this is her last year in elementary school and she would never get to do this with him again, her reply was, "no thanks, dad." He tried putting the guilt on her but it wasn't working. Apparently this just isn't cool anymore when you're a 6th grader. Elizabeth was in between wanting to go with daddy and being embarrassed. She told daddy that she would go but only because her friends were going! Poor Daddy. He's losing his little ladies already. But alas, he still has Emily (for hopefully awhile longer) and Megan too!

Can you tell by this pic here that Emily still loves her daddy. Ahem (Brianna, if you're reading this.) Ahem.

Somebody was getting a little jealous and didn't want to share his daddy.
Gotta give Ben some love too!
 Don't worry Ben, just wait for our Mommy/Son dance. We'll make daddy jealous!

LOVE daddy's face in this one! 
You didn't think that was the end, did you? You know me better than that! Of course, I waited a half hour before sneaking over to the school and stealing a sneak peak of daddy with his girls. I was very stealthy and hid behind some of the extra large daddies that were there. I didn't take any physical pics of them together only some mental ones. I wouldn't want the girls to find out later and get mad.
But I did get a few pics of the decor.

They had a blast and Emily   Daddy was overjoyed that the day finally arrived! 

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  1. How sweet was Emily getting so excited about the dance! The girls looked adorable in their poodle skirts! Great job Christine! The girls are growing so fast it won't be long and Daddy will be dancing at their weddings!!! YIKES!!! Did I say that out loud!!! Sorry! They grow sooo fast and its amazing how things change one moment they want their parents around and then boom its not cool at all!!! You looked like you were having fun to Miguel. The girls will always remember this dance for sure! Love, Lynn