Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Ben the Bald Boy Beauty

Supposedly, if you shave a baby's head, the hair will grow back thicker and stronger; so I've heard. This is a common practice in some cultures. I've never done it to any of my kids, so- since poor baby Ben is the LAST one, he gets the brunt of it! Besides, as a small child, whenever I played "mommy" I always pictured my imaginary babies as being bald. I've always wanted a bald baby, yet, each and every one of them have come out with a head full of hair! Alas, my bald baby, in all of his balding glory, doesn't he look cute...
He bears a striking resemblence to Mini Me, don't you think?
He could be his uncle's little Mini Me...
His hair is already starting to grow back and it's coming in much thicker than it was before!

1 comment:

  1. Ohhhhh how cute ben looks bald!!! You are right Christine all my baby dolls were bald too and most babies are born with some hair!!! I hope you are right by shaving it it will grow faster & fuller! Hair or no hair Ben is adorable!!
    Love, Lynn