Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year we made a Thanksgiving Tree. I found some fall colored leaves at the dollar store that inspired me and a tree branch from the neighbor's yard. Each of the kids took a sharpie marker and wrote down a few things they were thankful for on each leaf. Then Brianna hot glued the leaves to the branches. And, wallah... a Thankful Tree. Some of our guests even joined in on the fun and wrote what they were thankful for.
We took pictures with cousins...
And shared a few hugs...
Then we watched a movie outside until dinner was ready...
Papa wrote that he was thankful for a his 'mean wife' and Nana wrote she was thankful for her 'new husband'! Mom thought that was funny.
Daddy was thankful for his family. Mom was thankful for her husband, six kids, cameras, and babysitters!!!
Brianna said she was thankful for sisters and her own room. Elizabeth said the Lord and a swimming pool. Emily was thankful for Jesus and her friends and family! What a blessed day we had!

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