Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

I'm about a week or two behind in blogging. We've already gotten our tree and decorated it. After we decorated it, daddy attempted to adjust it and get it closer to the window. It fell down twice on him!!!
We have already hung the lights on the outside of the house. And our stockings are now dangling over our new fireplace mantel.
Last weekend we had our 2nd annual ornament decorating party. It was sooo much fun. Santa Claus made a guest appearance. We ate cookies, sipped hot cocoa, and roasted marshmallows in the backyard. We read a Christmas story then decorated some candy cane ornaments. Mommy chose candy cane ornaments because of their special meaning. Do you know what that is?
It's shape is like the letter “J” in Jesus’ name. It is also in the shape of the shepherds’ crook, symbolic of how Jesus, like the “Good Shepherd” watches over his children like little lambs. Some say the white of the candy cane represents the purity of Jesus. The bold red stripe represents the blood that Jesus shed.
The ornament party was on Friday. Saturday night we went to Nana and Papa's annual Christmas party where we enjoyed a taco cart (and margaritas for the adults)!!! I'll post those pics next. For now, enjoy these ones...
Too much hot cocoa for this lil one.
Leftover remnants of Halloween. We can't seem to get these letters off the house! Yesterday, Megan was playing with the burglar alarm keychain. She activated the panic button and the sheriff responded to the house! These letters spooked the nice policeman who showed up! Lol!
Christmas through the window
Each of the kids have ornaments with their names on them. The older kids have a few of them. Here they are hanging their individual ones.
Excuse the dirt under her fingernails please!
We bought Benjamin one at the Christmas store in Big Bear last year, before he was even conceived. At that time I knew we'd have one more baby but wasn't 100% sure it would be a boy. I trusted God, took my chances, and bought it anyways. So, Ben got to hang his for the very first time!
We practically had to beg Brianna to hang hers. Apparently, she's 'getting to old for this.' Help decorate the tree or hold the baby. She chose Ben! Her friend was over helping out too. I wonder if that has something to do with her lack of Xmas excitement.
I had hoped to post some pics from the ornament party in this post. However, it seems that my mommy duties await me. I can hear Ben calling for mommy upstairs and the echo of the dryer buzzer from the laundry room. Gotta go!
"Christmas is the season when you buy this year's gifts with next year's money." ~Author Unknown


  1. It sure is beginning to look like Christmas and it will be here before we know it! I knew the meaning of the candy cane and I loved all the pictures of the kids hanging their own special ornaments. Poor Miguel I hope the tree is anchored down now, it looks beautiful. I also love the pictures of all the stockings hung up. The Mejia family always have great ideas on celebrating.
    Hugs & Kisses to all!

  2. Merry Christmas Christine! I miss you but I am glad you can be home with your family for Christmas.

    I love the pictures!

    Kim (from work)