Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Coming...

Do you all know what tomorrow is????
Well if you know the Mejia family, you'd know that was a silly question!
Here's us around this time last year.
Tomorrow, is the 1st of October! In the month of October, BIG things happen over here!!! In fact, Daddy has even take the day off tomorrow to start getting the yard ready for the big day! Daddy's Halloween decoration collection has grown some over the past few years and it now takes several days to finish everything. He has been busy building a few new things to add to the collection as well. We don't usually do the inside of the house because the outside, by far, is scary enough. But, this year I've decided to do at least a few things inside, just not as freaky as daddy's showcase. Stay tuned, I'll be posting pics of our progress. Megan, just got her costume last night. Can you guess what she's going to be??? Here's a clue...
Kinda hard to tell when there's an annoying big brother right behind her! There, that's much better!

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  1. O my gosh...I love her room. So creative and cute!!!