Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Sur Camping Trip

So, we're home now. It's been about 2 wks. I just recently caught up with the mountain of laundry we created and daddy just put the last of the camping gear away yesterday. This is the part of camping that I dislike! But, when I see pictures like these, (be prepared, there's alot) I'm reminded that it's worth all the trouble!

FYI- the pictures are out of order starting with the last day. I wasn't going to spend extra time trying to rearrange them!

On our 3rd full day, we hiked to Pfeiffer Falls. Even me, 7 months prego! These are pictures of us cooling off in the water once we got to the top.

Almost to the top!

Everything about this picture says- BOY!!!

Just the beginning of the hike!

On the second day, we drove up to Monterey and did some sightseeing! Here's the historical Bixby bridge!

And the infamous Lone Cypress!

Daddy and Emily looking for sea lions! I love Monterey and the 17 mile drive! I wish I could afford to retire there someday.

I caught a beautiful sunset on the way back to the campsite!

And here's the pic that reminds me of the song..."On the road again..."

Momma and Bri on the 17 mile drive!

I love this one of Elizabeth. A genuine smile!

Cannery Row- We went to Fisherman's Wharf and did a glass bottom boat ride.

The sun peeking through the redwood trees at our campground. We stayed at the Big Sur Campgrounds and Cabins where the Big Sur river runs through the campground.

Sarah- introducing Shane to her kind of camping!

Joseph burning...errrr, I mean cooking, dinner.

Shane getting used to Sarah's kind of camping!

This was only about 2 hours into camping- the day we arrived! I could hardly keep this kid's face clean let alone the rest of her. Megan discovered that she had a crush on Sarah's boyfriend. She couldn't keep away from him. It was too cute! Watch out, Sarah. You've got some major competition!

Vivian loved the Big Sur River!

Playing in the water! It was cool and refreshing! Daddy and the guys went intertubing down the river a few days later.

Doesn't it make you want to go camping?!


  1. We just got back from Monterey and hit up Big Sur on the way back...so fun! love all your pictures! 17mile drive is fun too. Great vacation! It was a lot of work for me, I can't imagine being 7months pregnant. Your amaze me!!! Where do you get your energy:) and to hike too!

  2. All the pics are beautiful. Big Sir is a definite option on my camping list now. We haven't done much of it as a family and seeing all your wonderful pics is a motivation for us to get the road. I too grew up camping a lot and its time I start with my kids.