Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Emily!

Emily turned 6 last week. ~EMILY'S BIRTHDAY POEM~ It's your birthday beautiful child make a wish let your dreams run wild! We thank God, He blessed us with you a girlie girl in all you do. Big brown eyes and wavy brown hair little things to you are such a big fare. Fashion and makeup are what you like you always ask to ride your bike. Your first tooth you recently lost 20 bucks, the toothfairy it cost. You brushed the tooth til it was clean how happy it made you could surely be seen. In such a hurry to grow up big please slow down, child cuz I'm enjoying this gig!

After dinner, we took her and the other kiddos out for a special treat- a BJ's Pazookie! Here's Emily proudly showing off her age!

Remove Formatting from selection And here's what the pazookie looked like before we got our hands on it!

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