Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Playhouse

We've recently switched from the Parentshack website to this new blog. Since the switch, I've lost a lot of good photographs, especially of the playhouse. I wanted to repost them here so that in twenty years from now the girls can look back at the pictures and re-live their memories. Daddy built this thing with his own two hands during his paternity leave when I had Megs. He drywalled, ran electricity, installed flooring, and also threw in an air conditioner. Mom and the girls painted. It turned out great. We've had it up for about a year now. The girls, their cousins, and all of the neighborhood kids get quite the use out of it. Santa even visited it this past Christmas and left it full of gifts. Daddy put Christmas lights on it and as you can see from these pics they're still up. Kind of ghetto, I know. But that's how we roll, at least on the playhouse.

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