Thursday, April 2, 2009

No More Cast!

I haven't had the opportunity to upload any pictures lately. I so hate doing blog posts unless I have a picture to share but I couldn't help but share some good news! Today was another follow up apppointment with Matthew at Loma Linda. He got his cast off and I'm happy to report that I haven't seen a more beautiful xray than today. The bones were PERFECTLY aligned. I couldn't help but reach over and hug the doctor for doing his magic. Aside from an itchy, stinky arm, he's doing great! He's been given the okay to start using the arm. The more he uses it the quicker the stiffness will disappear. Daddy and I were talking the other day and saying that it's hard to remember a time when he didn't have his cast on! I can't wait til it's all a distant memory and he has full use of it again. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

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