Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mejia Updates

I HATE the flu! In the Mejia Home, 4/7ths of us got the flu last week, thanks to daddy who probably brought it home from work. It's created mountains of laundry for me and I think the couch has been Lysol'd a hundred times over. Luckily, (knock on wood) Megan did not get it. Poor Emily seems to have had it the longest. She's missing lots of school. Oh well, it's just kindergarten. Megan is walking now!!! She's all over the place. I will post some video of her soon. Matthew's Dr. appt last week went well. As expected, the elbow is somewhat stiff and is healing VERY slowly. The doc put him in a hard cast for another 3 wks. Elizabeth and Brianna have a piano recital coming up at the end of April. They are busy choosing which songs they want to play. Lastly, I wanted to report that I feel quite important! I was going through some of my messages that have been left and it's made me feel loved. I also saw that the owner, Jim Riley- from Riley's Farm even commented on the Oak Glen field trip post! Wow, how did he find lil 'ol me? Thanks, Mr. Riley. We will be visiting again soon. I deleted a malfunctional slideshow from that post and replaced it with photos that can actually be seen. So, re-look it over if you have the time. Oops, got to go- I just found the dog on TOP of the dinner table looking for leftovers from dinner. Hmmm, wonder if he was fed today. I'll go yell at some kids and find out. Hope all is well with everyone else.

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