Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Bday Daddy!

So, I've been a bad blogger lately. But, I guess I can always use the kids as an excuse. Lots of you have been inquiring about Matthew's elbow and I'm quite happy to report that he's doing amazingly well now that his swelling has disappeared. We have a doc appt. tomorrow at Loma Linda again to have his splint removed. I'll be happy when all of this doc stuff is done with! The doc will check his healing and determine whether or not he wants to put a cast on him for another 2 wks or so. I'm praying that he's gonna just leave him with a naked arm as bathing and showering this little guy is not an easy task. Oh and that's not even the worst of it, try scratching an itch. The other day I had to stick a fork in there just to give him a little relief so he'd stop dancing around the living room screaming "it itches, it itches." Thank you to ALL of you who prayed for his injury, surgery, and recovery. God is Amazing, He answers prayers! And you know how some say that it is in times of need when family gathers. My goodness, I could never repay my parents and brothers for all the babysitting they did. My mom babysat and made breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert for the other kids. Uncle Joseph helped my mom out with the girls and kept Matthew entertained by sending us pics and funny videos to my cell phone. Uncle Mikey went to the hospital with us and stayed all day with us during the surgery. It was a long, long day. Papa came all the way down to the hospital to pick Uncle Mikey up and both of them helped us when Matthew awoke from surgery and was coming out of anesthesia. That was something scary! The kid was screaming, punching, kicking, and jumping off the bed. He was confused and scared and didn't know where he was. The one hour surgery turned into a 2 hour surgery. The surgeon found that the original ligament had slipped into the joint and was preventing the injured elbow from sitting in the correct position. He set Matthew's elbow and and made him a new ligament out of his muscle and tendon. Modern medicine is pretty darn cool! Emily got her HSM bike yesterday that was promised to her. She's a little small for it, but she'll grow into it. All of the kids have had their 6 month dental checkup and I am somewhat embarrassed to say that aside from Brianna, my children have my pathetic, rotten teeth. Here are the results: Brianna- no cavities Elizabeth- 4 Emily- 7 (yikes!) Matthew- 4 Daddy's bday was yesterday. I must say it's quite sad to get older. He's thirty two now and instead of a bday cake he got leftover pie from the day before and a frozen lasagna for dinner. But he's a good daddy and he didn't complain not one bit. Hey, what do you expect when you have 5 kids to support, a mortgage to pay, no babysitter, and very little cash. LOL. I did do something a little unique though. Daddy loves horror films and anything spooky, scary, creepy- hence his favorite holiday= Halloween. So, atop of the leftover pie, I placed cupcake picks depicting several of his favorite horror flicks. He loved it! Presents? - None. Daddy said he didn't want anything but later that night some of the kids expressed to me how upset they were cuz he had nothing to open. Needless to say, I have to go buy daddy a present today so that he has a little surprise waiting for him when he gets home. Don't tell daddy but Emily said she knows just what he wants. She's been wanting to buy daddy this little gift for a long, long time now. As I was tucking her into bed last night she told me to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond tomorrow because that's where she saw it. Any guesses to what it may be? Check back later and you'll find out. I'll post a pic of daddy either opening it or using it. I'll give you a little hint though to keep you guessing: it's used to beautify a part of your body. And it's definitely not one of daddy's greatest attributes. Hehe. This little girl is turning 10 in six days! I remember my tenth birthday. It was a very big deal to me because it's the DOUBLE DIGITS! She'll be having a movie themed slumber party this weekend. I'll post the pics next week. We are so very proud of her. Friday, she'll be the proud recipient of the school honor roll award. It's tough being the oldest kid at times and this one handles it quite well. She's an amazing help around the house and I would truly be lost without her. And guess who will be 11 months old in just 4 days!!!

What did you all think of The Bachelor? That's some good tv!!! One of the best parts of a mommy's day is when the kids are all tucked into their beds and mom can sit down and relax and watch some good quality tv!!! Hey, it's educational... I've learned that some men can NEVER make up their minds! Lol!


  1. Great blog entry. You were so descriptive about Miguel's birthday that I feel like I was there. Emily is right; when people say they don't want a gift, they are just being nice. Everyone under 50 years old wants a gift for their b-day.

    Good pics too!!!!

    Your dad.

  2. You are so creative - I loved the movie pics you did for Miguel. I am stunned to realize that little Bre is going to be 10. She looks so cute in that pic you took of her! Thanks again for having us over for burgers & watermelon...we have to do that again soon...send Miguel somewhere so we can sit around and gossip again! ;)

  3. Deanna,Martin,The BoysMarch 4, 2009 at 9:41 PM

    Awesome pic of your big girl! Happy Birthday to her & Miguel..We are glad to hear Matthew is doing better with his elbow and Megan is getting so big, talk about feeling old! We will be in Cali around the 20th-22nd maybe we can stop by and see you all!

  4. Deanna- Yes, stop by. We'll bbq something or go get pizza.