Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brianna's 10th Bday Party

The Ticket Booth and Emily the Ticket Collector. It's really their lemonade stand but we covered up the word 'lemonade' with towels.
The Wall of Fame
Brianna is ten today! We celebrated her birthday with a movie themed slumber party on Saturday. Each girl had to dress the part of a movie star. Brianna was dressed up as Lucille Ball. The girls were up til 3am! As you can imagine, I was not a very happy person the next day. I had gotten up 5x in the middle of the night to shush them because daddy was sleeping and had to work the next day. I threatend to cause bodily harm to them should they wake Megs up. J/K. We had a blast. Nana helped out tremendously and so did daddy. I think daddy had a little too much fun playing the announcer prior to the movie starting. The girls watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua. For me, it was more fun than work. I felt like a little kid again. Here is Brianna's Birthday Poem:
Brianna Banana
that was your little girl name
you were once in a magazine
it was your ten minutes of fame.
Doctor said a boy you'd be
Couple weeks later he changed it to 'she'
On the night you were born
the angels kissed your sweet head
I held you all night
A million thank you's I said.
What did we do to deserve little you?
Handpicked by God because He knew.
The joy that you'd bring to your father and mother,
and the leader you'd be to your sisters and brother.
No longer considered a young, little girl
To us you are priceless
The most precioust pearl.
How is it that you get better with age?
Your personality has ripened
And you look pretty in sage.
Today you are ten years old
But forever you'll be Brianna Banana
With a heart of pure gold.

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