Thursday, May 31, 2012


Without the help of Nana and Nina packing up the house, I'm sure we'd still be living between two houses, which isn't any fun at all!
Each day I came home from work, I'd find that more and more of the house got packed up.

They even had the kids helping.

We enjoyed and savored the last few weeks living in the 'old house' because we knew it wouldn't be much longer until the move happened. Elizabeth and Emily goofed off in the backyard.

We took Father/Daughter Dance pictures on the front lawn for the very last time.

I captured a moment in time and relived the past where each month of my last pregnancy, I would take a picture of my growing tummmy in the downstairs bathroom. I knew this would never happen in that home again, so I gathered up my lastborn and took one last pic for kicks and giggles.

Remember these, lol???

Then, days before the move, the kids played on their slip and slide that the Easter Bunny brought them.

Eventually, the day finally came when we transitioned between old and new; bigger and better.
The very first project in the new house was hanging the porch swing I had dreamed about for so very long.

Here is the kitchen and family room.
 A peek into the backyard from the kitchen island.

 The opposite side of the kitchen island and one of my favorite parts of the whole house!

 Ben. Throwing his first tantrum in the new house. Ahhh... the sounds of the Mejia Home.

 Matthew helped mommy plant some flowers!

 And the kids enjoyed taco night in the backyard! They are loving this new, bigger backyard!

Thanks for stopping by. More pics to come!


  1. Great job ladies!!! What a beautiful new home for all of you to make new happy memories!!!! I love all the pictures and the kids are really growing. I know how you feel Christine leaving your home of such happy memories. I wish you all yrs of happiness,love and of course your bldg's ! I hope someday to meet your beautiful family ! God Bless each & everyone of you and your new home! Hugs & kisses, Aunt Lynn

  2. Forgot to ask where is the playhouse Miguel built? I loved that beautiful house it was soooo cute! I always wanted a playhouse like that when I was a little girl!!!! I played and laughed and dream along with the kids!!!!!! Aunt Lynn