Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Megan Finally Turns 4- a month late!

Megan turned 4 right before we got the keys to new house. With all the new house chaos, we decided to postpone her bday party til after the move-in. So we pretended she was still three for another month! Poor kid, right?! She'll learn the truth someday I'm sure and be completely traumatized by the fact that mom and dad made her three years old for 13 months! Then, she'll probably turn around and do the same darn thing to her 5th kid, haha.

Here are some pics to catch you up (in no particular order)!....

Baby Eli and his parents stopped by a couple of weeks ago to see the new house and give me some much needed baby time. I held him and rocked him to sleep. His mommy took a pic but I wouldn't allow my face to be seen sans make-up. Scary! Take my word for it! But, he sure is darn cute, wouldn't you say so?!

My father (kid's papa) took all SIX KIDS (brave man) out to an open house at a friend's horse farm. Then signed my eldest two up for horse-back riding lessons! Lucky girls!!!! They start next month and by gone it you can NOT tell Elizabeth is excited about it coming up (sarcasm). She only asks about it about every other day!

I think I already shared with you in my last post about how my 1st son lost his very first tooth! Well the proof is in the picture! After he lost it, he really LOST it!!! That very same night! I believe the same darn thing happened once before with one of the other kids. I felt so bad for him because he was overjoyed to have finally joined the missing tooth club! He bragged all night long and walked around with his lil white tooth in a plastic baggy til he lost it. He remarked about how all the other kids at school have already lost teeth and how he was one of the last ones left. I set up a reward amount for the 1st kid to find Matthew's new tooth and after everyone ran around like chickens without heads... it still didn't show up. I honestly think the vacuum found it long before he even realized it was missing. Sooooo.... I did what any other smart mom would do and we developed a plan to fool that foolish toothfairy. We made popcorn and tore a bubbly piece off of a popped kernel. We picked just the right shade of popcorn with a tiny tint of yellow to it to make it look real, stuck that in the plastic baggy and tucked it under his pillow! Guess what!? It worked!!!! Silly 'ol tooth fairy believed us! And he got a whole $5.00 for his 1st tooth. The best part is.... he plans on still looking for the real tooth and trying to make some more $ off of it! So he tells me.... SMART KID, eh?!

Meggie had a pony bday party! Two of the slowest, most pathetic looking ponies showed up at the new house right around lunchtime and gave each lil partygoing, sugar sucking kid a ride around the block. Then, each kid took about 10 more turns on the poor animals until they were finally OVER them.

There's a restaurant near my work where I absolutely LOVE to eat their Cucumber Tomato Salad. I've always wanted to try making it myself cuz it tastes so good and looks easy enough. What perfect opportunity than our first event in our new house, Megan's party. It was just okay, until my aunt zipped it up with even more vinegar! Then it got yummier! It was the perfect light summer salad. Would go great for any summer bbq you might be attending... click HERE for the recipe. 

Based off the noise this old laptop is making, it's gonna overheat any second! Which means it will just turn off on me without any warning. If I don't stop blogging now, I just might lose EVERYTHING I have written thus far. That's one of our current dilemmas....we've yet to purchase a new computer. Our old one died right before the move. The 'I'M ABOUT TO BLOW UP' noise is getting louder and louder. I will finish this post by saying, we are absolutely in LOVE with the new house and we LOVE the neighborhood just as much. We're getting to know our new neighbors too. The kids have handled the move like troopers and haven't even looked back or asked much at all about the old house. I was totally expecting and prepared for a a few tearful nights with at least one or two of the kids, but NADA so far. I'm not complaining, either. I think they were just as ready for the move, if not MORE, than daddy and I. The traffic in front of the old house got so bad, I wouldn't even let them play out front anymore. So needless to say, they are enjoying their freedom again and riding bikes/scooters/skateboards up and down the new street. The neighbors are probably HATING us! But, they haven't let on yet. I'll post more pics of the new house hopefully this weekend. We're working on a lil construction project starting tomorrow. Pics soon to come!


  1. the Ohio LeMellesMay 24, 2012 at 3:01 PM

    Love catching up with the Mejia clan! We have missed you. More pictures:)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday megan!!!! Looks like you had a fun birthday party! I miss you guys very much but know you all have lots to do in your new home! Hugs & kisses to all, Aunt Lynn XOXO