Thursday, January 12, 2012

Surprise! Riley's Farm

I LOVE surprises, don' t you? In fact, I'm working on a surprise nursery for my good friend right now. She's given little 'ol me the honor of decorating her baby's nursery. She's expecting a boy and has already picked out the theme for his room. I get full reign in there. I can do ANYTHING I want she says!!!! I'm so excited! I have got sooo many ideas to put to use. Sarah is helping as well. And Miguel even showed up earlier this week to do some work in there too!

That's one reason I've not been blogging lately.

The few 'free' times I have to blog, I'm now painting and decorating.

I'll post pics of it just as soon as it's complete but not a minute before that cuz I wouldn't want to ruin her surprise!

I, myself, was surprised a few minutes ago when I was cleaning out some files on my computer and came across pictures I had completely forgotten about!

It was like seeing them again for the 1st time!

I LOVE it when that happens!

So, I jumped on over to Photoshop, edited a few, and now I'm surprising you with them.

They are a few months old and were taken on a beautiful sunny October day we spent up in Oak Glen, Yucaipa, looking for the perfect pumpkin for Halloween.

We may not have found the biggest pumpkin there, but we did find the BIGGEST ants I've ever seen! Maybe it's the higher altitude, ha!

We're definitely going back again next year to sip a few more sasparillas

and search once again for the perfect pumpkin.

I look forward to another view of this next fall.

Before I go...

A couple of shoutouts:

Aunt Lynn, we got your letter and adorable pictures of Daisy. We plan on writing you back, soon. I promise!

Aunt Mimi, Ben got your chapsticks in the mail. He walks around with them DAILY, still! And Matthew was jumping for joy when he got Brandon's Sticker Club Chain Letter. He felt so important! ( I, for one, wanted to ring your neck for causing me work! I say that in the most loving voice ever, haha!!!! love you, hehe.)


  1. Love the pictures of the kids! They are all growing up soooo fast!!! Can't wait to see your painting Christine. Happy you got the pictures I sent. Hope the kids like that mushy pushed in face of Daisy's!!!!! Hope all is well and can't wait to see what the nursery looks like!!! Hugs & kisses to all, Auntie Lynn XOXO

  2. Not sure if you got my comments or not Christine. I love the pictures the kids are growing up sooo fast!!! Can't wait to see how you decorate the nursery!!!!! Hope all is well with the kids. Give them all a great big hug & kiss! Love Auntie Lynn XOXO