Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas this year was amazing!!!! On Christmas Eve, we went to an evening church service which was indescribably great. Then off we were to Uncle Rigo's. But you'll never believe what happened later on that evening!

I'll tell you the story...

Late Christmas Eve, after arriving home, I tucked our children into their beds.
Before walking out of their room, I kissed their soft, brown little heads.

I put out some cookies for the old man dressed in red.
Ran over to the cabinet to find my camera battery was dead!

This mom of many wanted to remember this date.
She wanted a picture before it was too late!

So she did the next best thing and used the camera on her phone.
Right before Ewok asked for a bone.

Quickly, she ran out the front door to take to capture her home.
She looked up in the sky to see a shooting star roam.

The mommy made a quick wish and the camera went click.
Surprised was she, when she finally saw her pic!

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  1. Christmas Magic for sure Christine!!! The house looks beautiful! Hope all the Mejia's had a great Christmas filled with love,wonder, and magic. It's a time of year which we should all hold dear in our hearts all year long!!!!
    Love, Auntie Lynn XOXO