Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catch Up

It's been kinda busy around the Mejia house lately. I'll try to catch you up. I'll be posting some pics but of course I don't have the time or patience right now to put them in order of occurrence so everything will be all mixed up.

 Today, after I got home from Bible Study with the 3 youngest kids, Brianna and I made Albondigas (it's a Mexican meatball soup).

From Scratch!

 As Daddy likes to remind me, I'm a white girl and can't cook Mexican food like his momma can- so we went off an online recipe that got rave reviews.

 Brianna did most of the work and I kinda supervised.

 It sure smells like a Mexican kitchen! I'll let you know what Daddy thinks!

During Bible Study, Megan and Matthew's class came into the luncheon and sang a few songs for us women. It was sooo cute but unfortunately I didn't bring my camera. So... here's a pic of them at home instead :p

The older three kids were lucky enough to get invited to go camping with their uncles and aunts. Our whole family was originally scheduled to go but things didn't quite work out as planned :(

 For 5 days they got to spend some quality time with cousins they don't often see.

 Patches of snow greeted them when they arrived.

 And a large snowstorm bid them farewell on the morning they left.

Sarah dropped by one day last week and spent some time with the kids and I.

 She met our new dog.
 Oh, yes... we got a new dog! I'm not sure what I was thinking. Perhaps I was just feeling sorry for Ewok. He just looks soooo sad and lonley lately. He's been acting like a sluggish old man. As soon as the kids leave for school he mopes around the house until he finds a place to sleep. Then he won't leave that spot until they're home.

See?! Doesn't he look happy now?

She got him out of his rump. Now they wrestle around like two little kids. They chase sticks together like this one they are holding. It's sooo cute.

I somehow forgot that new puppies like to chew on things...

I think another reason she was adopted was because I'm feeling the baby urge kicking in. Since I have been denied any more babies-- a puppy will have to do. : )
And there is no need to worry... if she ever gets the baby urge I will get her a stuffed animal cuz these two are not able to reproduce. Ewww, imagine what that poor puppy would look like!!! LOL! After several hours of deliberation and a few arguments.... she was named Delilah.

And I can't end a post without a DangerBoy update.

He never disappoints us, does he? 
 He had his monthly E.R. visit when big brother helped him out of his crib in the morning...
and in doing so, accidentally pulled too hard on his little arm and popped his elbow out of his socket. Daddy and mommy took him to the hospital and he's much better now.

All Better.

That's it for now, folks. See you soon.


  1. The soup sounds yummy. Did Miguel like it? The pictures of the kids and their cousins look so beautiful and snow in May? Can't wait to have lunch today to share your blog with my friends. it has been raining here for a week now and everyone is depressed and blah but now they won't be with me telling them about Danger-Boy! I love the pictures of Ewok & Delilah they are sooo adorable. Thank you sooo much for this blog we needed something here to make our day not sure where the sun went to!! Hugs & kisses to all, Lynn

  2. Soup looks good...where was I lol