Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beach Bums!

So here's a loooong post to make up for the lack of blogging lately.

Wasn't the Wordless Wednesday photo hilarious!? That was taken during our beach day last week where the kids and I (daddy had to work) spent some quality time with our cousins. As we were loading the car in the morning to head out, Megan decided it was the perfect time to throw up the contents of her stomach all over the garage floor. I wasnt gonna let that stop us from going, seeing as how I worked so hard for the day off from work. So,
daddy cleaned her up, threw her in the car, and off we went. The warm sand in her toes seemed to be the perfect cure because she was herself again. Although the day wasn't as hot as I hoped it would be, it was still perfect nonetheless. The kids made sandcastles

flew a kite

and watched this lil guy play in the sand for the 2nd time in his life.

We listened to our cousin Brandon play the guitar

and headed out to this lifeguard post

where the kids took turns showing off

we took a generation picture

or two

and acted younger than the kids we birthed.

Elizabeth yelled for joy when she heard the mention of Balboa ice cream bars.

As did Ben.

He and Nana also enjoyed some Nana/grandson bonding time making mama jealous.

"Ahem... Hello.... I'm still here...." They didn't seem to hear me whilst involved in their little baby makeout session.

I gave up on those two and turned around to find Matthew and Megan doing this

They kept this up over and over. Running towards the waves and then quickly running away to avoid getting wet. Ah, how I wish I could be a kid again. Life's simple pleasures-- playing chase with the ocean.
 Oh... Did I mention Uncle Mikey was there? He brought along his friend Eugene; who's also a good photographer might I add.

We stayed much, much later than originally planned. I just couldn't get these kids out of the water.  

Megan pretended she was Princess Ariel, if only for a moment. See.... she was feeling much better. No more throwing up. Speaking of throwing...

Ben threw a tantrum after he was denied a 3rd ice cream bar!

Future surfers, Elizabeth and Brandon contemplated the right time to make their move.

While Emily and I looked for sand crabs.

I couldn't resist taking a mini lil photo shoot of Ben with his sandy, kool-aid face.

As if the ocean wasn't enough water for the day... they headed up to the jacuzzi that awaited them on the rooftop deck of the beachouse where this little girl kept us BUSTing up laughing with her instant bosom. She wasn't quite sure what was happening or where they came from but she sure did have fun touching them and showing them off to the boys.

Guess daddy will have to keep an eye on that girl when those things are real !

And I guess mommy will have to have a talk with that boy about privacy and respectfulness. But before I do, I'll take a pic or two. Apparently his sister's chest started a tirade of growing body parts cuz Matthew tried to grow a bootie next.

Okay, enough is enough. Let's talk about Elizabeth and her favorite cousin.
 Or maybe Uncle Mikey and his sidekick.

 Or better yet. Let's talk about mommy opening up her bottle of wine with a hammer. Yes, folks... apparently hammers are sometimes more convenient than corkscrews! Take note: Next time you're without a corkscrew, find a hammer.

Later on that night...the grandmas watched the kids so that us 'older' cousins could enjoy a meal and a drink (or two).  It was such a special day for both the kids and I. It made me realize how much I miss hanging out with my family. The main reason for the beach day was to celebrate my Nina's birthday. Soooo.... without further ado...Happy Birthday to Nina-- the best Aunt in the whole wide world! 


  1. Beautiful pictures of all the Mejia Beach Bums!!! I am jealous you guys have nice sunny warm weather. It's suppose to be spring here but temps are in the 40's still!!!!! BBBRRRRRR!!
    I love beach pictures, the kids jumping,running with the waves,sandcastles and just enjoying family & friends!!! A hammer to open a bottle of wine that's a good one Christine!!! Again loved all the pictures & especially Ben's Kool_Aid Sand smile!!! Hugs & kisses to all, Lynn

  2. what a GREAT day!!! thanks for sharing, I feel like I was right there with you all. So much fun, can I be your kid too!!??

  3. Was that Stella Rosa..mmm yum lol