Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I came, I saw, I conquered [Big Bear, that is]!

So here's the Big Bear post. There are lots and lots of pics so thats why it took so long to get it up. We arrived a day after Nana and Papa. They warned us not to come because the weather wasn't very welcoming. But nothing could keep daddy home, he very much wanted to see some darn snow! He loaded the kids in the car at 7am and still in their jammies. Well... daddy got what he wanted, he saw snow and then some. The drive up there has got to be one of the prettiest sights we ever saw! Although, Christmas is over, it reminded us of what a white Christmas probably is like. It also brought to mind some old stories that Grandma used to tell us that started something like this: "When I was a kid" and "I walked 3 miles to school in the snow" and it usually ended with this: "you California kids have no idea". This is the car just moments after arriving.
We jumped out of the car and started catching the snow in our mouths. This was a first for all of us! What a trip to remember and it had just barely started. We didn't know what was in store for us! Daddy enjoying his first snowfall, happy he's not at home!
Mommy making pictures in the snow!
Elizabeth was sooo very excited!
Sarah was too!
Mommy and Matthew had a snowball fight and then cuddled up together for a picture. We still couldn't believe our eyes. Kenzi looked like a lil snow bunny. Here's her famous pose!We've only seen sights like this in the movies. We were in awe.Sarah and I took pictures of each other taking pictures.Then we acted like kids and tried to get a shot of us in the air! Nana said that they were unable to go to the store when they had gotten there the day before because of the streets being closed. So, as soon as we got there they ran to get some food to eat for the next few days.
When they got back from the grocery store they couldn't get very close to the house because of the snow. They parked at the neighbors and walked the groceries to the house.
Nana came up with the idea of using a sled to make it quicker. Here's mama trying to bring the food in but it kept falling off and I'd have to go back to fetch it.
Nana on her way to the car to get more food but not before Elizabeth sneaks in a quick ride!
Bringing groceries into the house has never been so fun before!
After that we ran inside to get warmed up.
Poor Meggies was still not feeling herself. She even got Brianna sick. I felt so bad for Brianna, she was in bed the whole time we were there and didn't even get to feel the snow! Nana gave Elizabeth a little makeover.Elizabeth and Emily made some yummy cookies with Nina.The power kept going off and on for the first day and night. The next day it made up its mind and stayed off for good. We were completely snowed in! So this is what Grandma LoLo meant, now it had some validity! No electricity. The snowplow vehicle couldn't get up our street because of some really SMART people who got at least 3 cars stuck at the end of our street blocking any access. We later found out that those SMART people slept in their cars all night long waiting for help. The neighbor said that he hadn't seen snow like this in years. Some residents were evacuated by snowmobile and brought to one of the schools in town. Every road to Big Bear was shut down. I was beginning to get worried. I was running out of medication for Meggies and now Brianna needed it too! How do you share medication meant for one baby with two and not knowing if and when you'll get more?! Papa found all the flashlights he could. We all sat in a big circle and played some games and ate the yummy cookies the girls had made. Afterwards, we bundled up and prepared for one cold night without heat! We normally sleep in the room in the basement but that last night we all slept in the family room as close as we could to each other. The kids got the best spot in the house, right next to the fire. As crazy as this trip sounded, I think it will be one of the most memorable trips to the Big Bear house we have or ever will have! It was soooo much fun. Good night kisses from daddy! In the morning we woke up to look for our car. Can you spot it? A tow truck and snow plow arrived and rescued those SMART people out. Daddy, Papa, and Uncle Joseph started digging out the cars. We decided to leave as soon as possible because of the lack of medication, food was running low and no telling when the electricity would be back on. While the men were looking for the cars underneath all that snow the girls stayed inside and found some other things to do. Like painting little fingers and toes.
And making silly noises at this little guy.
And laying in circles And playing "Throw the Brother" And reading books with sisters
And snuggling with sick baby girls and sleepy baby boys And gettting close up and personal with Sarah
And posing in front of the snow covered balcony! It's hard to believe that this is the same balcony as this! Where we barbecue in warmer months. Look at it now!And bonding with cousinsAnd trying to make Ben smilePlaying games with Nina was probably the funnest though.We bonded with brothers too!And took another catnapAfter awhile mommy and Sarah went out to check on the progress of the cars while we snapped a few photos. Look at Papa go!Look at Papa pretend that he's tired. Come on Papa, you're used to running marathons! Daddy kept saying he wasn't gonna let Papa show him up. But later on, he admitted that Papa is in some pretty darn good shape! Working hard!I think this is daddy's new favorite toy. You couldn't pull it away from him if you tried!
After digging out the road and the cars. Daddy got really sweaty and wet. He came in to change his clothes before we left for the road but we girls already had the car packed and ready to go. He found one of Brianna's sweaters lying around and decided that it was better than the wet one he was wearing. Besides, nobody was gonna see him driving home, right? WRONG! Mommy made sure a picture was taken of THAT sight! He asked us, "Does this sweater make me look fat?" Haha, just kidding. Maybe he was a little self conscious of that manly chest showing because he didn't stay this way for long. He found Uncle Joseph and begged him for a sweater to wear.
We said our goodbyes
And wished each other a safe trip home
And what would you know!!!! Of course, it FINALLY stopped snowing! It snowed just about every second we were there except the day we left. It was gorgeous!
The lake was frozen over!
Once we got home, we learned from the news that Big Bear City was buried in snow and it was bad enough that they were calling it a "state of emergency" up there! And we survived it! We came, We saw, and We conquered! Hard to believe that just days before this we were in a very warm Arizona. Can't wait for the May trip up there! I wouldn't be surprised if we still saw some snow here and there.


  1. Wow, I just relived that crazy weekened in Big Bear. It was one crazy adventure, but well worth it! I went back there the next weekend and it was still pretty, but nothing compared to the winter wonderland we saw.

  2. I LOVE IT! beautiful pictures mamma! My fav is the one with all the babies on the floor in a circle! very very cute and they all belong to you! 6x blessed! I can only imagine how it is to have never ending hugs kisses at from all those juicy faces! thanks for the insight to your Heaven!

  3. Great pictures Christine!! You all looked like you were having so much fun in the snow. The pictures are beautiful. Poor Brianna I hope she is feeling better! I told you it snow up at Big Bear!!! Hugs & kisses to all!
    Love, Lynn

  4. Loved the pictures...I agree with Letty the picture of the kids on the floor in a circle was one of my fav too. Kenzie had so much fun with the kids - she still talks about how she ate snow in the mountains at Nana's Bear House!!

  5. Great pictures and an even better narrative description of our family adventure. You have such a knack for finding the right words to describe your wonderful feelings about your family.

    Love, Dad