Thursday, February 25, 2010

Elizabear's Bday Sleepover

A little late but better than never- Here are a few pics from her sleepover
I don't know about Elizabeth, but my favorite part of the party was the cake I made! I've always wanted to make a tiered cake and so I used her bday party to practice. Ben helped me out a little bit too. She had 10 friends sleepover and eat pizza, play games, and keep mom and dad up till 3 am!!! They were told a hundred times to, "Go to sleep already!"

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  1. Wow nice cake Christine! Maybe when Ben gets a little older you guys can open a bakery!!! LOL!!! I am sure the cake really tasted delicious. Looks like Elizabeth and her friends had a very good time. Happy Belated Birthday Elizabeth.
    Hugs & Kisses to all, Lynn