Monday, October 26, 2009

Matthew is 4!

Yesterday, Matthew turned 4. Since he already had a birthday party daddy took him to a boy's movie and then we had a Shakey's lunch with Nana and Papa. We finished up with some awesome monster cupcakes. It was a nice relaxing day. Kids are so funny. My kids love being whatever age and 1/2, if you know what I mean. That 1/2 is a BIG deal to a kid. So, when he woke up he was four but by lunch time he told Nana and Papa that he was 4 1/2 already!
Today, the day after his birthday, he wakes up and the first thing he asked is, "Am I still 4 1/2?" followed by "Now can I go to school with the girls?" Slow down, buddy. I still have a few more months with you before you go rushing off to woo the girls with those big brown eyes!
Matthew- here's your birthday poem:
Four years ago this day
I had a little boy
our prince that we'd awaited he filled our hearts with joy.
We went from pink, pink, pink
to lots of blue and blue
out with the old stuff
and in with the new.
I dreamed of you for so long
I wondered what you'd be
who would you look like
daddy, sissy, or me.
You've no idea what love is like
til you look into those big brown eyes
giving you away one day
will be the hardest of good-byes.
From broken elbow bones
to "mommy, watch me run"
God heard my prayers one day
He finally gave me a son!
"Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional." ~Chili Davis

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