Thursday, June 18, 2015

Yesterday's gifts

  God has gifts waiting for you throughout the day. Look for them. Make it a point to praise him for these gifts. Yesterday, my day was full of precious little gifts. Enjoying good hearty conversations with old friends, taking in the vastness and grandeur of the big wide ocean which constantly reminded me of how small we are in  comparison, observing my children connect and enjoy the company of old neighborhood friends, watching my daughter's curly hair blow wild about their faces when the afternoon wind picked up.... the waves were strong and the existence of danger was ever present, but despite the strength and mightiness of the tide, it brought me peace knowing God is even stronger. And He continued to bless me as the day went on, ending the day with a good shopping trip and having a meaningful conversation about faith with my oldest during the long drive home. The sound of laughter echoing throughout the house at 3AM was painful yet beautiful. It reminded me to seize the moment because this will only last a short time.  I'm most thankful for waking up with the peace that came from an answered prayer. Knowing my place is just to be obedient to God and continue to trust Him. Knowing that I will continue to do what is possible and leave the impossible up to Him. Thank you Lord for your sovereignty. These are all the things I praise you for yesterday. What gifts did you find in your day? I urge you to look for Him as you go about today.

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  1. Great picture! I miss you guys! xoxo