Friday, October 11, 2013


There's A LOT to catch you up on, so this will take more than one post. I'll start with the most recent pics and happenings, and work my way back. Geez, it's been so long that I'm not even sure if I can remember how to upload a pic to the blog anymore, haha.

Apparently Blogger website has changed a bit since my full-time blogging days. I'm playing with it right now and trying to figure out all these updates! I HATE CHANGE! If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!....

.....still trying to figure this out.....

.....still trying....

....and trying....

Okay, after a few YEARS minutes of learning the new updates of the Blogger website, I finally figured out how to upload my pics!!

These pics are as recent as of tonight, right before bed Emily and I did some bow making. My lil fashion diva is still into craft/fashion design as ever before. She's now starting up her own bow making business. Contact me if you're interested in an order and I'll send it her way! Tonight she worked on her very first order...3 Breast Cancer Awareness Bows. They came out cute and full of girly glitter!!! Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month, by the way!!!!
Last night, she worked on this Halloween one. Not sure if you can see the spider in the middle of this one or not. Flash was on.
Oh, speaking of Halloween.....let me share this buy with you. I love finding a deal!!! I'm very excited with this new rug I purchased at Michael's. It was normally $14.99, I bought it on sale for $7.99!! SCORE!!!!
  We are sloooowly getting ready for Halloween over here. I know, I know....this is not NORMAL for our family. But we have been very busy, and there's always something going on!!! It never ends.

And since we are looking at my porch.... check out the old rockers. I chose to nix the red paint, it was looking old and sad. I'm not too sure what came over me though because I LOVE my red normally. One day I woke up and decided that these chairs wanted to be black. I am elated with the results. It pops now more than ever before. They also match my black shutters on the exterior of the house.

And since we are talking about the outside areas of our house, I'd like to introduce you to our nightly visitor. He is nameless at this time, but that will change soon I'm sure. He is only a baby and comes by almost every night to eat Ewok's leftovers. We watch him from the window. On the nights that Ewok doesn't feel like sharing, we will purposely leave out food bait just to get a glimpse of this lil guy. Isn't he cute??? Did I mention he's just a BABY!!!! Maybe he won't be so cute when he gets older but you know me and BABIES. He's adorable. And he's not afraid of us at all. He is as intrigued with us as we are with him. I do worry though, because his mama must surely be nearby.
But like I said...
 He is too cute NOT to feed!!!

I'll end with this one pic. Elizabeth, Emily, and a friend of Emily's, took their first sewing class on Monday. In the days leading up to it, I tried not to make a big deal about it because of course anything that mom thinks might be cool is completely lame in the eyes of a tween/teenager. As I hoped and prayed and crossed my fingers, I drove to pick them up from class to hear them yelling out how much they LOVED IT!!!! They each made their very own pillowcase and are completely addicted to sewing now! Which is sewwwww cool in my eyes! (Sorry, couldn't help myself, haha) They've slept on their pillows each night this week. On the way home from the class, they both admitted to me that they originally thought sewing was for old ladies (and me, apparently I'm OLD in their eyes) but now plan to start making their own clothes. We'll see how that goes.

Stay tuned for more updates ...


  1. I am sooooo happy to see you guys back I really missed you all!!!!! Love the bows,pillowcases and your lil visitor too!!!!! Can't wait to see Halloween decorations and love the doormat too. Who doesn't love a bargain right Christine? You all made my day. Hugs & kisses to all Love Aunty Lynn XOXO So excited I got my Mejia fix finally!!!! It was worth the wait!!!!!!

  2. Well its about dang time you posted something! Good to have you back blogging again. :) <3, Em