Monday, April 22, 2013

Megan Turns 5

Our lil Megan is the Big 5 now.

She'll start kindergarten come August. I put her in preschool but she missed so many days of it from being sick all the time that I pulled her out for a lil while to give her immune system a break. Yes....I like my kids to live in a bubble. The teacher wasn't very happy with me for doing so. But, guess what?.... I'M THE MOM!!!! HA! I am debating on putting her back in for the summer though; we'll see if I change my mind.  The kids got season passes to Raging Waters so we will definitely be spending our hot summer days between there and Nana's pool.

Elizabeth wanted to join band at school to play the flute; I assumed it was because her best friend wanted to as well. But, she's really taken to it and sounds pretty darn good at it too. So mom and dad surprised her last week at her band concert with her very own flute. She's happy she gets to return the rental one.

Emily has improved sooo much in school and the time it takes to get her homework done. It's been a relief for me! We still need to work on her weekly progress report comments that always come back to me saying: 'talking during class' or 'disrupting others'. What can I say.... THAT'S EMILY! Math and Science are great opportunities to catch up on girl gossip. All three older girls will be taking some horseback riding lessons over the next month or so as well as their cooking classes they seem to enjoy so much.

Brianna will be in high school in just a few short months. I'm scared to death. However, I do have to admit, it's pretty cool being a 'young' mom. Her and I were getting pedicures early this week and the lady doing her toes asked if I was her SISTER!!!! HA! Gave me a big head for the rest of the day. She is involved in a writing mentoring program that Papa found for her called WriteGirl. She comes home from those workshops excited and pumped up. I can't wait to watch her amazing talent for writing develop even further.

Matthew developed this intense love of reading pretty much overnight. He is addicted to a series called BIG NATE. I have to force him to put the book down at bedtime. I often sneak back into his room to find that he pulled the book out again the second I walked out. The relationship he shares with Megan is one that a mother dreams of. He is constantly looking out for her and she looks up to him and just adores every move he makes. He comes home from school and seeks her out. She waits all day long for him to get home. He is the absolute BEST big brother a girl could ask for. Those boys in kindergarten better standby. He ain't gonna put up with anyone messing with his little sis.

Benjamin is....well.... simply... BEN. The baby. My youngest child. Pure bliss. He puts a smile on my face when I am in the worst mood possible. The one who completed my baby carrying days. I am absolutely obsessed with him. The problem is...HE KNOWS IT!!!!

Oh.....I sold my first house!!!! And..... Sarah bought her first home! Can you guess who her ridiculously cool agent was?! Here she is on the day she signed her final loan documents. I'm so proud of her and all that she has accomplished in her life. All on her own. 

Time is flying by and I can't slow it down. This makes me sad. I don't want my babies to grow up.


  1. Love all the pictures & updates on the kids. Yes they do grow really fast but you & Miguel should be very proud of them. They are all beautiful and enjoying their journey to adulthood. I made copies and the kids pictures are all hanging on my office wall. Hugs & kisses to all XOXO All my love Aunty Lynn

    PS They make me happy & smile thru the day! :)

  2. Not sure if you got my first reply Christine????

  3. Yea, I got it Lynn. Sorry about that, I tried accepting the comment on the phone but it wouldn't let me. :(