Saturday, February 2, 2013

Adding Character with Transom Windows

I thought I'd share the latest lil project @ "the farm"

This is the doorway to the pantry area. We call this area in the house the "drop off" as all of our messages, notes, keys, wallets, and purses are left in that area. Notice my new 'schoolhouse light hanging in there as well?! I absolutely LOVE schoolhouse lights right now!!!! This is before the transom window and mouldings went up.

Here it is in progress.

Isn't it sooo pretty?! I love how it adds character and charm and creates the 'older' home feel I'm looking for. It's still in need of some paint, but it's looking great!

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  1. Looks great!!! Can I borrow Miguel for a little while to do some house projects???? You guys are sooo lucky that he is sooo handy! Hope all is well! Hugs & kisses to all Aunti Lynn XOXO