Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Stairs

One of the first major renovation projects dad has done in the new house...

Say Hi Meggie!

 It was our plain old halfwall staircase that we knew.... okay... I KNEW... dad had to get to work on immediately.

It cost a pretty penny but was very well worth it.

One day, these stairs will have wood instead of carpet on them. The look I'm trying to achieve for the house is rustic, traditional farmhouse. I'll post the after pics soon. Stay tuned.

Before we moved in, our PC took a dump. Then the kids broke the ancient laptop we were relying on for our everyday use. Daddy just got a new laptop and I haven't bribed my computer smart brother yet to install all the fancy gadgets on it, including Photoshop! So... until then.... you'll have to put up with my ugly so-so pics.

1 comment:

  1. Stairs are beautiful Miguel! You do beautiful work wish you lived closer to me my house needs lots of repairs! Hope all is well with everyone. Hugs & kisses to all!!!! Halloween is coming!!!!! Love, Aunt Lynn XOXO