Saturday, April 28, 2012

We Moved!!!!!

This is why i've been absent for so long! Busy tying up loose ends with the purchase of this new house....

It's in a much nicer neighborhood and has plenty of room for kids to grow, and then some! We are all so excited... more pics soon to follow! Daddy will be busy for the next ten years building me projects!!!


  1. OMG the house is beautiful Christine!!!! I wish the Mejia Family years of happiness and memories in your new home!!! Poor Miguel your to do list will be a long one but with your talents they will all be beautiful!!! God Bless you all and your new home! I will be waiting for new pic's of the inside! Hugs & kisses to all,Aunt Lynn

  2. Not sure if my first post went through or not but here I go again. OMG what a beautiful house!!!! I wish you all years of happiness and memories to treasure always. Poor Miguel i can just see that long to do list but with your talents I am sure all will look beautiful. God Bless you all! Hugs & kisses to everyone. You guys are always up to something wonderful. Love Aunt Lynn XOXO