Monday, July 26, 2010

First Day of School

We are going on wk 3 in the 2010-2011 school year. Because we are year round, we start in July, the kids are already getting accustomed to their new teachers and classmates. This was a VERY big year for us, can you guess why? Matthew started kindergarten. He was soooo excited (an understatement- at the least)!!! Here we are kissing our baby boy goodbye!Once he got into the classroom, the teacher asked the kids to have a seat on the rug. Our boy ran to the rug as fast as he could so he could get a front row seat at his teacher's feet. His eyes were on her the whole time and he listened so attentively at what she had to say. I almost cried that morning but when I saw his behavior and his eagerness to learn I knew it would be so selfish of me to feel sadness for me rather than excitement for him. I think he has a lil crush on his teacher too (how cute)! But.... we all know that mom is #1 in his life, right!!!! I better set that teacher straight before this crush goes too far! We've all heard the media stories of teachers falling for their students before, haha. This boy's mine teacher, so BACK OFF!!!! (I'm really kidding, she's a great teacher and I love her sooo much)We're pretty lucky because every teacher this year is a past teacher from another sibling, so we already knew what to expect from them. Matthew's teacher was once Emily's teacher from kinder. Emily's new teacher was Elizabeth's teacher last year. Here's Emily grabbing her name card from the teacher. Elizabeth's 3rd grade teacher was once Brianna's 3rd grade teacher. This is the teacher that Brianna made the baby quilt for. She's still out on maternity leave but will be returning soon. Poor Brianna, got her SAME teacher again for the 3rd year in a row. He keeps moving up a grade as does she. I think it's because she is such a good student he doesn't want to let her go, so he follows her to the next grade! Bree wasn't needing mom and dad to walk her to class anymore, apparently she's soooo beyond that!!!! And, next year our 1st born will be a BIG JR. HIGH SCHOOLER! Scary-- for mom and dad!!!!


  1. Wow school started already not until August here in CT!!! Everyone looked so nice and excited to start school! I know you will learn alot and have fun Matthew. I wish all the kids a year of learning,growing and most of all fun with their new teachers. Enjoy school believe it or not what you learn here will help you all as you grow into fine young people. Hugs & kisses to all!! Don't worry Christine you are still #1 to Matthew I am sure!!! Love, Lynn