Monday, June 21, 2010

Ditch Day

Last Friday, mommy and daddy were *cool* parents and let the girls ditch school so that we can go to the beach to hang out with this cousin...
and his parents too...
We got some great pics like this one...
This lil one enjoyed herself so much...but was curious as to why the waves won't stop coming...
Mimi-- enjoying the view
The girls had fun jumping over waves
Elizabeth and Brianna got brave and started RIDING the waves
I LOVE this pic of them. These 2 get a long soooo well.
And guess who's first time it was to EVER see the ocean! He had fun eating the sand and had absolutely no fear when it came to the water and the waves.
Ben is under the blankie taking a nap in mommy's arms.
Megan-- making friends with strangers. She's too trusting! This lady here told me that I should go for baby # 7! Haha! (Don't worry, dad. I won't.) Brianna put her book down long enough to join the kids in the water. What a shocker!

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  1. What a great Mom letting the kids ditch school! Looks like everyone had lots of fun in the sun! Ben is just sooo cute and Brianna is growing up so fast! It won't be long and school will be out for summer! Hugs & kisses to all! Lynn